Subfloor Ventilation

Subfloor ventilation the key to a healthy home

If your home smells musty, feels damp and is susceptible to mould, then there’s every chance you could have a problem with inadequate subfloor ventilation.

Millions of homes in Australia are built with timber floors suspended over subfloor voids. When properly ventilated, these hidden spaces remain out of sight and out of mind. But when these areas are poorly ventilated, the air inside becomes stagnant and humid, creating ideal conditions for mould, termites and wood rot to flourish.

Why subfloor ventilation is important?

A healthy living environment relies on a well-ventilated subfloor area so dampness and mould can’t grow and air quality inside the home can be maintained at optimal levels. When air quality is poor, people living in the home are at greater risk of a range of health conditions, including respiratory disorders, allergies and sinus problems.

Also at risk is the health of your home. Subfloor ventilation makes the area beneath the floor less attractive to highly destructive pests such as termites, and promotes greater stability and performance of all building materials, particularly timber framing and floors.

Need a sub floor ventilation check?

If you’d like a ventilation health check to safeguard your home, Sydney Subfloor Ventilation can assess your property from the ground up. We’ll do a detailed inspection and then provide you with a report on your home’s ventilation status and a complete costing if any work is required.

All productive airflow and corrective-extraction ventilation systems supplied and installed by Sydney Subfloor Ventilation comply with Australian building codes, are whisper quiet and come with a seven-year warranty on workmanship.

If you think you have a subfloor ventilation problem, don’t delay; get in touch with Sydney Subfloor Ventilation today to arrange a no-obligation inspection of your home.