About Us

We are Sydney’s leading subfloor and roof space vent specialists

Sydney Subfloor Ventilation identifies and rectifies rising damp, subfloor mould and stagnant damp-air issues in raised buildings throughout Sydney and NSW. We have the qualifications, experience and expertise to design whole-house ventilation systems to meet any requirement and any situation.

We have a 15-year track record in the home improvement and building industries, and in that time we have seen it all. We’ve seen hundreds of poorly-ventilated homes and the serious damage a lack of ventilation causes, not only to the properties but also to the health of the families who live in them.

We understand the importance of the family home

As a family business, we appreciate the significance of home ownership and we understand the importance of maintaining the home in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is why we take pride in offering our customers cost-conscious solutions which may often be taken on extended payment plans to ease the burden on family budgets.

We guarantee our service

If we can’t offer you a guaranteed customised solution for your home-ventilation problems, we will not take on the job. When you deal with Sydney Subfloor Ventilation, your satisfaction is guaranteed. So, as you’ve nothing to lose, why not give us a call and arrange an obligation-free quote today.